They hate women!? Don't they?!

Muslim women have become an absolute symbol of oppression, and distorted images of them permeate news coverage. Journalists from across the political spectrum maintained that it was Islam that oppressed women. Beware Muslims, they screamed in their unlikely unanimity. They hate women, don't they? As soon as they turn their attentions to Islam, commentators become missionaries. Muslim women must be saved from a religion that reviles, objectifies and veils them.

First point that needs to be emphasized is that every government in some form or another attempts to force morality on people. Even in America. You rape, steal, murder, traffic drugs, you so much as drive over the speed limit you will expect to receive some kind of punishment. So in reality there is no such thing as unrestricted freedom.

Now their argument rests on the idea that so long as your action does not harm anyone than it should be allowed even if their choice was a poor one. The problem here is when the governing body of society encourages this ideology then society as a whole inevitably suffers for its immoral, indecent and promiscuous behavior and defends it on the grounds that it is freedom, as if unadulterated freedom is a virtue and something to be proud of! All this while completely ignoring the social decay of society.

This is why Islam as a system of governance for both the society and the self is unequalled in its superiority for it has zero tolerance on harming the self and others. It has moral development as its priority, not unadulterated freedom. For example in the Islamic Republic of Iran wearing a scarf over ones head is not just to prevent men from bothering them, and it is not just to be treated as dignified respected human beings rather than as sexual objects, but it is also a symbol that Islamic society has zero tolerance on immoral, indecent and promiscuous behavior so do not even attempt to sink this ship because of your own lowly desires. You want to wear no clothes? No problem, do it at home. You want to wear no clothes outside the home? Then go elsewhere. Go to western world where they encourage that sort of thing. But here it is not tolerated. Here is a society that progresses not only materially but also spiritually. This is a society where you can walk home at night without the fear of being raped or abused or your possessions stolen. Not because if caught you are threatened with punishment by the government, but because such actions distances one self from Allah. That is a not only a free society, but a healthy one too.

The obsession the west has with female appearance and with displaying it as sexily as possible and the extremes western women’s are prepared to go to look good is bizarre. Survey after survey has shown that western women are obsessed about their weight and their appearance. They are either overweight, healthy weight or underweight, and want to lose some. And, if dieting doesn’t do it, more and more of them are prepared to resort to drugs or even surgery. Interestingly, all this effort seems to come to nothing as women get fatter and fatter. And even if all does not resort to such extremes, few still spend a small fortune on expensive face creams that they know wouldn’t work and spend hours and hundreds of dollars at the hairdressers and the beauticians. They are all going to yoga or spin classes under the pretext of staying healthy, though what they are actually trying to accomplish is “maintain their shape”.

The main reason for this western female oppression, created by the need to continually and competitively appeal to the male eye is twofold, first and foremost it is to keep female energy focused on appearance, disempowered them and make them less threatening to the male dominant western society and the second reason is the economics. Entire economies would probably crumble if one day every woman in the western world woke up, slapped herself on the forehead, and said, “Oh my God, I’m fine just the way I am”. Which, of course, is why women’s magazines, marketing, advertising, TV, film, pop music and popular culture of all kinds are so keen on helping women remain terminally insecure about their appearance. In the West, an entire gender, while claiming to be newly liberated, has never been more neurotic about the way they look.