Islamic finance Industry 'Crucial Growth Engine'

Islamic finance has significantly surpassed its niche industry status to become an established component of  the financial system.
The fact that over recent years Islamic financial institutions have grown at a faster pace than their conventional peers confirms the increasing demand for Sharia-compliant financial products and services.
With the unprecedented growth of major economies in the Middle East, the region is increasingly becoming a  more competitive and sophisticated market and the key players are targeting a greater share of the exciting  growth potential for Islamic finance, according to David McLean, chief executive of Mega Events, organiser  of 1st Annual Middle East Islamic Finance & Investment Conference (MEIFIC 2011).
The event will be held on April 12th and 13th at Dusit Thani Dubai and will set the stage for key players in the  region to successfully adapt to new market realities in the Middle East.
"The exclusive opening keynote session at MEIFIC 2011 will examine the current state of and the future n prospects for Islamic finance in the region and the next wave of growth opportunities for Middle East players," he said.
"The session will also share critical insights on how the leading market players are re-tuning their  businesses to succeed in the Middle East Islamic finance market."
Key players in the Middle East Islamic finance and investments industry will be gathering at MEIFIC 2011 to  explore the growth potential that the Islamic finance and investment market in the Middle East offers.
The conference will feature groundbreaking debates as the region taps into the next growth phase in the  post-crisis landscape.