How much do we know About God?

In the world we are living in, it is almost impossible in these days to live without being insulted of ones dignity his/her religion or God. We are living in a time in which everything has been and will be criticized. It does not matter how these values are noble, holy, or scared and important to others. In this era, God is being questioned, creation is being doubted, and faith is being criticized. Therefore, how much we know about God depends on who you are explaining to. However, there should some common sense to every one whether they are believer of God or not. Through his signs, such as his creations including human beings, many things can be known about God. Even though there are some limitations of how much we know about Him due to our limited capability of understanding about his power and miracles. The word God is being defined in almost all dictionaries, books, and major monotheistic religions as Deity, omniscient powerful, perfect, originator, ruler, and creator of the universe. Therefore, for this definition, it is clear that there is something called God exists. However, it might not be convincing enough to some individuals. The word sign is defined as something that suggests the existence, or presence of a fact, condition, or quality.
From the definition in which it was defined to both God and sign will help us to elaborate our knowledge about the creator- God. Everything in this world has origins and base, in which they have begun in the first place. This beautiful building that we are sitting in is consisted of many different things including woods, bricks, and concretes, iron, metals, which themselves were brought from other places and have been put together. These objects have not just come randomly together and formed themselves this s helpful, and useful beautiful building. Architectures, engineers, economist, and other well expert individuals have come together to make it what we as a building today. These experts planned and calculated how many bricks, woods, metals, and money would be in this building. After all these plans and calculations, it became a very useful place that we are using to study, sleep, relax, and use for our daily affairs. Thus, there would be no doubt about the creation of this building, if you ask anyone; they would tell you the same thing. If you say this building just evolved and became the way it is, they will laugh and look at you as crazy, idiot, and unthinkable person. They do not say that you are ignorant, because how it obvious process. They assume that even an ignorant person can know this building does not just come out of the blue but instead, it was constructed and built by knowledgably group of people. As humans we have been given the ability of reasoning, thinking, and understanding capability that give us a sense that this did not erect itself.
From that basic example, we, humans are able to understand that this building was made, and it was made for a purpose. On the other hand, we see heaven, sky, humans, and water; to name a few, but still reject the presence of God. One example would be enough for us to think for a moment about the existence of God. The miracle of human being’s creation is of what we are made of originally; the tiny gushing water is placed in the female’s womb, the unification of the egg and sperm, the development of heart, lungs, legs, hands, skin, muscles, blood, the five sense etc. Each one of these organs or systems in our body is designed to do a specific job.
For example, the heart that starts beating after the beginning of the unification of the egg and sperm till we die. If the heart stops beating for a minute or so our life will be in danger and our existence on earth will come to an end. The life in the womb, and birth would be a miracle it-self. The intelligence we develop during our life, creativeness, and ability to run the whole world are other things to consider. Almost all other creations are here in the world for our benefits. For example, we use horses, cows, camels, sheep, and goats for useful gains. We also benefit from rain, seas, and oceans even though they are God’s creations. Therefore, we are given the authority of the world’s affairs to use everything in it and the intelligence to know a simple thing as a building cannot just come by itself and the fact no one can claim it as the creator of the building, but instead we give names and credit the architectures and engineers who built it. How can we not know and understand the engineer and Creator of our won selves? I think one is contradicting him or herself when they claim that they know this building was built by a group of people but to not know God’s creation (Their own body).
For the above fact, we indeed understood the existence of God. For the fact of those creations we know a lot about him because he taught about himself to us through his messengers. Given the fact that we need to have laws to govern ourselves to keep us out from deviation and misguiding, so did God chose individuals amongst us and sent to us with guidance, which allows us to maintain justice and fairness amongst us and to govern the world, in which He gave its authority to us. He knows us better then we do. Therefore a religion is God’s law to humankind and away to know Him.
A religion is the God’s word and that same religion explains about him that he created all the creations from nothing and gave the following attributions to Him. Inbody said in his book the Faith of the Christian Church, “Transcended, eternity, simplicity, infinity, immutability, holiness, omniscience, Omnibenevolnce, and omnipotence” (P. 139).
Based on this fact, we know about him a lot even though, the knowledge about God may vary between individuals. Since we see all the signs including our won creation and have his actual words (religion), we have enough knowledge about him. For example, if you are told by someone, you have not seen this writer, political figure, mathematician, etc. Physically, but you have seen his or her books, letters, and saw a lot of stuff that this person did including his or her buildings, roads, bridges etc, you know as a fact that this individual, for you have his or her writings before. Logically everyone will accept the practical evidence of this person, when you give them his or her books, and show them all their actions, arts, and works he or she did even though they have not seen him or her physically. However they kind of see it mentally, therefore they will have in their mind images of this person.
Thus, we know God subjectively, for we have seen His signs, and read His words. One has enough knowledge about Him but there are some individuals who know God more than the rest. These individuals are the scholars of religions. In normal life, there are always some individuals whose knowledge exceeds the rest. For example, if you read the writings and biography of someone called Gate, you probably know more about him than us who did not read about him but heard. In this case the churches, synagogues, or mosques have big roles in educating people about God.
On the other hand, objectively, our knowledge, about God is limited. There are some limitations that we cannot pass. Physically, we do not know about God, and there is no need to know about Him. As same as we do not know the person whom we read about his or her writings, saw his or her actions, designs, but never saw him or her physically. Overall, we know a lot about God, we have witness a lot of his actions, saw His religion, and finally read His books, the different religions.