Islamic Cleric issues fatwa against dogs

Unlike many Americans, I view Islam not as some honorable religion, but as a 7th Century Arabic Imperialist Ideology. Wherever Islam goes it destroys the local culture and imposes Arabic morals on the people. In all honesty, Islam is evil and Totalitarian since it is a collectivist ideology that suppresses individualism. Before the rise of the Progressive Ideologies like Communism and Nazism, Islam was responsible for the majority of genocide committed in human history.
In the latest examresponsible ple of the the evil nature of Islam, an Iranian cleric has issued a fatwa against dogs. What most Americans don’t realize is that Islam is anti-dog, since Muslim legends claims they chased the Pedophile genocidal Arab warlord Muhammad and pissed in the first Mosque. Dogs sense evil and obviously they knew the founder of the Islamic Imperialist movement was demonic.